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   POLO Mart is like the polo world's hyperdome or supermarket of everything you could possibly buy, or want to buy for you and your ponies and the sport of polo. Simply browse the aisles and rumage through the virtual shelves for all your polo needs and desires. 


If a product or service is not here then it should be and you can upload it or let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will put it up on the shelves for you.

You can search for a product by Manufactuer or Product name. If you still can not find what you like, then use the search box typing in other related words that may be found in the description of the product in question.

Once you have found the list of products you can click on them to read more information and view more details. If you have found a product you are interested in purchasing simply click on ADD TO CART and the product will be added to an imaginary virtual shopping trolley which collects all your desired purchases as you go. This is called 'My Cart'.

To view your shopping trolley or cart simply click on the symbol like the one pictured here that follows you down the page or link in the far top right hand corner menu. It will display all the information you need about each item you have chosen and an opportunity to double check all your items.

When you have finished viewing your cart you are given the option to continue to the check out to buy your items or to continue shopping and adding to your cart. If you would like to continue browsing through the items in POLO Mart simply click anywhere outside the cart space and the cart will go to the background.


Please be aware this is a POLO Magazine project. All POLO Magazine projects are completely Open Source created and operated by Volunteer polo enthusiasts from with in the polo community. If you would like to find out more about POLO Magazine projects or would like to become one of the volunteers yourself please visit


By using this online shopping service manufacturers and makers of polo products will be contributing to the Sponsorship of Polo Clubs and the furthering of the sport of polo throughout the world.
To find out more  please visit: http://www.polomagazines.com/educational-instructional-informative/575-what-is-polo-magazine    



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